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Embracing ESEF/UKSEF as a web-based format

The ESEF/UKSEF electronic reporting format has two elements; the human-readable web format XHTML—which can be opened and viewed in a browser—and the (inline) machine-readable XML/XBRL tags in the XHTML source.

With the 'bolt-on' approach to creating the ESEF/UKSEF filing package as the most commonly used solution today (see our blog post 'Why companies (should) prefer an integrated ESEF/UKSEF solution over a 'bolt-on' solution'), in most cases, the human-readable XHTML is a converted PDF. Although the conversion does an awe-inspiring job replicating the PDF, the resulting XHTML is not browser/web-native or responsive; the 'bolt-on' approach does not embrace ESEF/UKSEF as a web-based format.

The Financial Reporting Council's (FRC) 'Structured digital reporting' publication addresses this as follows:

"While many companies' structured report looks exactly the same as the PDF with pages in A4 format, this is not a requirement. Unlike PDF, XHTML is a web-based format rather than a print-based format. 
Companies could instead start thinking of their structured report as a (collection of) webpage(s) [...]."

Tangelo allows you to do this and more.

Multi-channel publishing with Tangelo

The Tangelo platform allows teams to collaborate securely online and build designed corporate reports 'in-house' and publish them from a single source to multiple channels; in PDF formats, placed on the company's corporate website or used for printing hard copies, as a microsite with interactive charts, videos, and other captivating elements, optimizing engagement with a modern, diverse audience of stakeholders; and in web-based ESEF/UKSEF.

The single source guarantees the same content and numbers/results across all publication channels.

DTP bottleneck hampers other approaches

One of the unique aspects of Tangelo's solution is taking away the need to use Adobe InDesign for typesetting the designed PDF, a frustrating bottleneck in the traditional process, but also in combination with tools that are unable to produce a PDF that meets the high corporate communications standards for external reporting, most notably disclosure management and regulatory reporting systems. This limitation makes these systems single-channel solutions because the design agency must create the designed PDF (outside and disconnected from the system), and the system can effectively only produce an (in most cases, simple) ESEF/UKSEF channel version.

Flexibility and productivity with Tangelo

In Tangelo, users can build the report and generate the designed PDF anytime. No bottleneck.

The web-based ESEF/UKSEF, generated from the same source, is responsive and designed for presentation in the browser, adhering to the corporate web style guide and maintaining brand consistency.

An excellent example of a web-based, web-optimized ESEF presentation is Basic-Fit's 2022 annual report. Created in-house on the Tangelo platform. Concept, design and web development by Mattmo Creative from Amsterdam.

Annual Report Basic Fit ESEF

Tangelo's vision allows corporate communications and investor relations to leverage all three publication channels for the annual report: a designed PDF for offline use and print, an engaging and interactive and complete microsite version—accessible, optimized for search engines, enabling analytics—and embracing ESEF/UKSEF as a web-based format

Tangelo offers an integrated solution to generating the ESEF/UKSEF filing package from the same source as the designed PDF and microsite versions of the annual report. Because of Tangelo's native structured content format—the same as the electronic (XML/XBRL) reporting format—tagging facts and block tagging are intuitive and user-friendly. It also allows companies to produce a browser/web-native and responsive human-readable presentation that adheres to the corporate web style guide and maintains brand consistency.

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