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Webinar ‘Building ESEF Reports with Tangelo’ [on demand]

On Tuesday 13 June we organized the webinar ‘Building ESEF Reports with Tangelo’. During this webinar, we demonstrated the key features of Tangelo that help you with your ESEF report, followed by a Q&A session.

What to expect in this 60 minutes on demand ESEF webinar?

Since EU-regulated listed companies must produce their annual report in XHTML after 1 January 2020, Tangelo has helped its clients with their ESEF filing. On the hand of a few of our clients examples and our lessons learned of the past season, we show you how Tangelo's multi-channel capabilities can be leveraged to produce an ESEF version of your annual report:

  • See Tangelo's integrated ESEF solution live in action to create an ESEF filing package in minutesnot hours or days, like with other "bolt-on" solutions or when outsourcing.

  • Create ESEF from the same single source as the designed PDF and microsite.

  • Intuitive block tagging, thanks to Tangelo's structured content format.

  • Tangelo's flexibility to generate native XHTML output.

  • In the key ESEF takeaways from the 2022 reporting season, we will discuss how clients, auditors, and our team experienced the first year of block tagging and how auditors are still struggling with the new ESEF reality.

Who it's for

Investor Relations teams, Financial Reporting teams, Corporate Communication teams, and everyone else involved in the ESEF filing of the annual report.

Meet the speakers

Erwin Groenendal

Erwin Groenendal, Co-founder and Product Evangelist

Wiel van Horck

Wiel van Horck, Senior Business Consultant and ESEF expert

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