About Tangelo

Trusted by companies around the world, Tangelo is the leading platform for easily producing designed corporate docs in-house.


We empower companies with a smarter, simpler way to produce custom corporate reports in-house, on the cloud, and in record time.

Intuitive, cloud-based, and secure, our platform streamlines the reporting process while giving you greater control. Supporting the latest trends in effective shareholder communication, Tangelo makes it easy for you to comply with regulations, engage your audience, and create stunning reports.

Our Story & Mission

We founded Tangelo as a multi-channel publishing platform in 2004, with the mission: to make life easier with a better way to produce custom corporate reports in-house. We believed that we could reimagine the traditional process of creating custom corporate reports by giving corporate reporting teams back control of the entire process.

So we created an intuitive platform with the tools that allows reporting teams to build, produce and manage multiple reports easily and effectively.

Today, Tangelo has grown to a leading platform for enterprises and organizations across the world. With operations in The Netherlands, Australia, Finland, South Africa, Sweden, & Taiwan, Tangelo serves clients in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa.

Part of The VANAD Group

Tangelo is proud to be part of the VANAD Group, an innovative multi-national business specialized in customer experience with over 1500 employees all over the world, including the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Tangelo's Environmental Policy

In our business operation we promote online collaboration both between colleagues and in dialogue with our clients to reduce business travel as much as possible. We also promote employees who live near our Dutch offices to commute by bike through our lease-a-bike program and we only offer 100% electric cars as a company car.

We are also proud that our platform is used more and more by our clients to report on their environmental policy results and plans to share with their shareholders through integrated annual reports or separate ESG reporting.

Introducing Tangelo, the platform

Download our factsheet and discover how our cutting-edge platform liberates corporate reporting teams from the DTP bottleneck and the constraints of limiting content formats and non-integrated single-channel processes.