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Improving tomorrow starts today

Across industries and around the world, businesses will be instrumental in building a better future by reporting on their ESG performance. Reporting on ESG topics can be done in several ways, through multiple means. To better engage with a wide audience of stakeholders you need a modern approach to ESG reporting. Discover where Tangelo comes into play.

The Future of ESG Reporting

How the shift toward sustainability is changing corporate reporting

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The ABCs of ESG

The ESG ecosystem is made up of many different moving parts, from lawmakers to standards setters to regulators and beyond. With so many ESG abbreviations we understand you can get stuck sifting through this alphabet soup.

We created 'The ESG Reporting Cheat Sheet', so you're always prepared for sustainability-related questions and requests. In this guide we demystify 50 must-know ESG terms.

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CLP Example

CLP's 2022 Sustainability Report

We're proud of every report produced 'in house' by our clients using our platform, but this one in particular. CLP out of Hong Kong has won multiple awards for their Sustainability Reports.

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AGL ESG Data Centre

Client case: AGL's ESG Data Centre

Today, corporate finances alone don’t always tell a complete story. Modern shareholders, customers, employees, and communities alike want proof that companies are taking responsibility for ESG issues.

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Total control of your ESG reporting? Totally possible.

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