The Tangelo Platform

Take control of your corporate reporting

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Tangelo's intuïtive, all-in-one platform empowers companies to produce custom corporate reports in-house, on the cloud, and in record time. Our platform streamlines the reporting process while giving you greater control. Supporting the latest trends in effective shareholder communication, Tangelo makes it easy for you to comply with regulations, engage your audience, and create stunning reports.

How it Works

Tangelo gives you the control to build designed reports from highly designed customized components and templates in-house.

When you first get started with Tangelo, you’ll work closely with a dedicated consultant. You can do it yourself, but you’re not alone—we also offer 24/7 support and can create a 'draft zero' of your report (with last year's content) as a starting point.

Your consultant will help set things up and walk you through everything—from discussing your business needs, to overseeing implementation, to providing ongoing support and insight.

Create Your Report

Log in securely. Sign in to your private cloud environment using your credentials and secure two-factor authentication (2FA).

Your private cloud environment will be set up for you. Access can be restricted to your network and/or specific IP addresses—but most clients prefer to allow secure access from anywhere, anytime.

On-premise environments are also an option—your Tangelo consultant can help you determine the best solution for your needs.

Create a new report from custom templates. Choose the type of document you’re creating from a list of custom templates (e.g., Annual Report, Proxy Statement, Sustainability Report, etc.).

Templates will be created and customized for your business based on your specific use cases.

Build your table of contents. Create the initial structure of your report—adding sections and sub-sections—using our intuitive interface. You can continue to edit this structure as you go.

Assign privileges. Grant role-based privileges to the people you’ll be collaborating with, like content writers, editors, and reviewers. You can also create tasks and assign them to specific users.

Create and edit content elements with the built-in visual editor. Place content elements (e.g., paragraphs, tables, images, highlight boxes, quotes, etc.) in your sections using the intuitive, easy-to-use editor. Tangelo will automatically lay out the pages, intelligently applying your custom graphic design—so you can focus on the content itself.

The type of report you’re creating (and your unique design) will determine what kind of sections you can create. In turn, the types of sections you create will determine what kind of content elements you can add.

Your custom templates will be set up ahead of time, before you start creating the report.

Create preview PDFs and websites. Create PDFs at any time as you edit to see your report with all the styles from your design template applied. You can also preview the website version of the report created from the same source, applied with the styles from your custom web design.

Link and sync tables, graphs, and in-text numbers to your data sources. Use our advanced Excel interface to link cells to your content, including tables, graphs, and numbers in paragraphs or any other element. To update all of these elements simultaneously, simply upload a new version of your spreadsheet and click on the synchronize button.

Your dedicated Tangelo consultant can work with your finance team, HR department, or any other collaborators to help them optimize existing spreadsheets for synchronization.

Add ESEF information, if applicable. Set properties to guide the auto-tagging for ESEF, identifying current and previous reporting period columns, 'containers,' currencies, units, etc. in the financial statements.

Your consultant will work with you to map the 'labels' used in the financial statements to concepts in the ESMA IFRS taxonomy and define any custom labels or preparer extensions. Based on this mapping and the added ESEF information in the report, the actual tagging process is automated.

Build dynamic charts. Create a wide variety of charts in Tangelo based on tables of data, which can be linked and synced to your data sources. Charts in PDFs will appear as vector images, while the same graphics on websites will appear as dynamic, interactive web charts.

Manage the Process

Track your progress. As you’re creating your report, you will track your progress by giving each section a status (i.e., ‘In progress,’ ‘Ready,’ ‘Reviewed,’ or ‘Approved’).

Keep things orderly with version control and more. You can freeze drafts, track changes, and even create internal PDFs that visually display tracked changes, tasks, data sources, and more.

Single source, multi-channel, publish across formats

Modern shareholders demand modern communications. So do stakeholders—from employees to customers to communities at large. To reach a new generation of people, companies must adopt a singlesource, multi-channel approach to corporate reporting: one that allows them to build visually appealing, user-friendly corporate reports that integrate seamlessly into a digital world.

Publish print-ready and downloadable PDFs. Create multiple types of PDFs once the final draft is approved. From high-resolution print-ready PDFs, to lightweight PDF files for your website, to eco-friendly PDFs with less colors and images, you can produce all with a few clicks.

Launch the website version of your report. Publish the website version of your report. A finalized copy of the document will be copied from your secure private environment to a public server, where it’s made available under the required URL on your domain.

Generate the ESEF filing. Entities reporting under European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) regulations can generate the report in the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) from the same source as the PDF and website versions. 100% accurate and fully leveraging this new channel in investor communications.

Create Next Year's Report Even Faster

Roll your report forward over the years. Producing your second report in Tangelo is even easier. You can simply duplicate your previous report and synchronize your new data sources to update all the linked figures.

Live demo webinar: From Zero to Tangelo in 30 minutes

See our platform live in action and learn how we help external reporting, finance, and investor relations teams at companies across the globe.

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