Partner Ecosystem

We highly value our network of trusted partners all over the world, and we are continuously expanding and investing in our global network of partners. Our global partner ecosystem covers solution partners, design agencies, consultants, communication firms, and project managers in order to support your corporate reporting.

We partner with organizations that offer complementary technology solutions and services that enable you to fully take control of your corporate reporting process. Together, we help you to accomplish your reporting goals.

Our Solution Partners

Our solution partners help us to extend our value proposition to cover a broader range of client needs and bringing the automation of your corporate reporting process to a next level. Below you find an overview of our solution partners.

Q4 is a leading global provider of cloud-based investor relations and capital market solutions.

Novisto is the leading software solution for integrated corporate sustainability management.

Impact IM is a partner for Dutch local governments in the realization of high-quality management and accountability information.

Our Project Partners

Design agencies, consultants, communication firms, and project managers often partner directly with Tangelo to better serve their clients. Below you find an overview of trusted project partners we routinely work with to support you with your corporate reporting challenges.

Specialist in corporate reporting.

Report Company is a full-service specialist in the field of corporate and integrated reporting.

walterwakefield is a communications powerhouse that converts strategy into action.

Mattmo is een strategisch communicatie en designbureau.

Tosca is a Tribe of professionals who are pooling their knowledge, insights and experience in order to jointly  contribute to a more sustainable world.

TD Cascade helps organizations shape their most important story of the year: the annual report.

8Hundred helps clients to understand, manage, access and unlock the value of their positive contributions towards healthier environments, societies and good governance and translate these into positive business opportunities.

Superunion is a revolutionary creative company that believes in the power of ideas to create positive, meaningful change.

Paul & Marigold is a specialist in branding, creative and corporate communications

Project management with a focus on Finance, Control, Risk & Compliance.