Annual Reporting with Tangelo

Discover how our intuitive, all-in-one platform empowers companies to produce custom corporate reports in-house, on the cloud and in record time.

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Take control of your annual reporting

Excessive manual effort. Repetitive revisions. Tedious triple-checking. These are just the tip of the annual reporting frustrations iceberg.

Producing your annual report is a demanding endeavor with many teams involved. Regardless of where you are on the automation spectrum—whether you’re still struggling with the process trapped in Word, Excel, printers or highlighters, or you're eager to dive into intelligent automation—you need a platform that will help you accomplish what you need to get done now and to support your organization.

"Tangelo has been a fantastic addition to our business. The improvement in overall business efficiency during reporting periods has been huge. We have seen significant time (and stress!) savings through having greater control of the overall content and therefore, the end product."

Stephen Freundlich
Head of Investor Relations, Argosy Property Limited

The Tangelo Difference

The annual report. For many companies, this phrase conjures memories of poorly formatted drafts, countless data syncs, tiresome triple-checking, repetitive revisions, back-and-forths with design agencies, and hours spent racing the clock. If you’ve been there, you know the traditional production process is rife with inefficiencies—and due for improvement. To shed light on traditional annual reporting frustrations—and innovative solutions—we studied the behavior of various clients on the Tangelo platform. Download the whitepaper and discover the Tangelo Difference.

Randstad Example

Randstad Annual Report 2022

For the 11th time in a row, Randstad used the Tangelo platform to produce their 2022 Annual Report. In these 11 years, Randstad has won the prestigious Henri Sijthoff Award multiple times.

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PostNL Example

PostNL Annual Report 2022

PostNL is leveraging Tangelo's single-source, multi-channel capabilities to the fullest by creating an interactive PDF and web version of their report. They also created an ESEF version.

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From Zero to Tangelo

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