14 September | 10am SAST/CEST | 4pm HKT/SGT

Webinar 'The "Mile After" of Finance'

Ready to take control of your numbers and enjoy a stress-free race to the finish line?

Webinar The Mile After of Finance

Join our webinar and reclaim control of your numbers in the race to the finish line! As the year comes to a close, finance departments are frantically working on completing the last mile of finance, delivering financial statements and notes. But don't be fooled; the dreaded "mile after" is still ahead of you. After your numbers have been finalized, they are handed over to the annual reporting team, leaving you with little control. With manual updates and countless checks, this inefficient process can be highly stressful.

However, it doesn't have to be this way. Tangelo puts you in complete control of your numbers. Our intuitive corporate reporting platform allows finance teams to sync their latest numbers, automatically updating documents and eliminating the need for tedious triple-checking. With Tangelo, you can ensure efficiency and accuracy at every production stage, bringing precision and peace of mind during the "mile after."

Don't let the annual reporting season overwhelm you. Join our webinar today and discover how Tangelo can transform your finance team's workflow. Take charge of your numbers and experience a stress-free journey to the finish line. Register now!

In the webinar, you will see Tangelo live in action and learn:

  • How to build a report in Tangelo.

  • How to connect your financial statements and notes to data sources.

  • How to 'synchronize' (update) your report when numbers change.

  • How to use Tangelo for 'disclosure reporting'.

  • How to control your numbers in the annual report using section-level rolessharing, and version management.

  • How to produce financial reports in multiple languages.

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