Q4 and Tangelo partner to extend the Q4 Platform with an easy way to create corporate report microsites and gather additional insights into investor interests

Tangelo's single-source, multi-channel corporate reporting platform allows issuers to produce designed PDFs and microsites efficiently. With the tags added by Tangelo, statistics gathered through the annual report, sustainability reporting, proxy statement/management circular, and more microsites feed directly into the Q4 capital market access platform.

Optimizing corporate market access

With the option to easily create a microsite version of any corporate report, IR teams can gather valuable additional insights beyond the traditional content of an investor relations website and downloadable PDFs into who—which investors—are viewing what pages/information and, with that, optimize capital market access.

Maximizing investor and other stakeholders' engagement

Microsites are also an excellent way to improve online engagement with investors and—getting increasingly important with an increasing emphasis on communicating a company's sustainability strategy and performance—a broader, multi-stakeholder audience of employees, customers, civil societies, and the general public.

A smarter way to create corporate reports

Next to producing microsites more efficiently, the Tangelo platform allows IR, Finance, Remuneration, and ESG teams to collaborate online securely and simultaneously create both the microsite and the designed PDF—and electronic formats. With data in tables, charts, and other elements synchronized with any data source, the Tangelo platform adds incredible value to companies using the Q4 Platform.

Easy access to Q4's IR website management and virtual event services, and capital market access platform for Tangelo clients

Through the partnership, Tangelo clients get easy access to Q4's services for building and managing full-fledged Investor Relations websites and running virtual events and the Q4 Platform for capital market access, extending Tangelo's corporate reporting platform to a complete IR offering.

About Q4

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