Use Case Spotlight: Proxy Statements

Easily create interactive microsites, stylized PDFs, and EDGAR versions from a single source.

Summary: Proxy statements are breaking out of the traditional print mold and are going to the web. New microsites allow for the reports to be shared in an interactive, visually-appealing, and user-friendly way. While great, microsites complicate the production process. But with Tangelo, companies can easily and collaboratively create these engaging reports from a single source.

Proxy statements are more than an SEC requirement. With a push toward greater transparency, they’ve become a crucial way to effectively engage shareholders and distribute information, all in stylized documents complete with complex charts, graphs, and visual communication elements.

As demand for visually-appealing proxies has gone up, the use of multiple formats has gone up as well. Companies are increasingly publishing their proxy statements three ways: via PDF, EDGAR, and new, innovative microsites.

Microsites make proxy statements shine

Microsites represent a meaningful improvement over PDF-based experiences: they’re mobile-friendly, easy to use, and offer far greater features.

Instead of a mostly-static PDF, microsites offer all the content of a proxy statement in an intuitive, responsive, and well-designed web experience. With microsites, companies can throw more light on the exact areas where shareholders want to see more transparency—like board diversity, executive compensation, and performance.

The benefits are clear: they’re highly useful, visually appealing, and user friendly.

The one downside is the production process. Traditionally, the creation process involved a lot of back-and-forth in communication. Adding a microsite to the equation adds a second timeline—meaning an even more difficult process leading to wasted time and resources.

Tangelo simplifies the process with a single source

Our software enables the creation of all three versions—PDF, EDGAR, and microsite—from a single source. What’s more, Tangelo also allows you to collaboratively create all three versions in-house. Your team can all work together with seamless agility, meaning you won’t just save time and money, you’ll be in control of the production process from beginning to end.

For years, the Tangelo software has been used to collaboratively create PDF and online microsite-style annual reports from a single source, reducing turnaround time. Now that the proxy statement has evolved to include the new microsite format, it’s the perfect solution for the creation process.

Making the process easier with a hybrid engagement model

Tangelo also offers a hybrid engagement model. In this model, Tangelo could create, or migrate, your proxy statement from the previous year, giving you the jumping off point to update new data and include additional materials for the new year. Updating the numbers is easy; just upload a new version of the linked Excel sheet and our program will sync the document.

Better yet, Tangelo could help out by inputting content into the platform or making changes overnight when you don’t have the time. You can do it yourself, but you also have help.

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