7 Familiar Annual Reporting Frustrations

Excessive manual effort. Repetitive revisions. Tedious triple-checking. The annual reporting process is riddled with frustrations—if you’re reading this, there’s no doubt you could rattle off a few of your own.

But how can you transform last season’s pain points into positive energy that propels your company forward? Here, we recount seven familiar annual reporting frustrations to uncover just that:

  1. Needing multiple documents—then constantly working in different versions.

    While preparing last season’s annual report, you may have wished there were a way to work with colleagues in parallel—from a single source—instead of staring into the black hole of open documents on the screen before you...

  2. Waiting up to a week for the first PDF, then waiting again for amendments.

    In the world of annual reporting, inserting elements like chapters, sub-sections, tables, images, quotes, and KPIs is easier said than done. If you’ve endured endless back-and-forths or lengthy turnaround times, in-house reporting is probably another item on your wishlist.

  3. Not being able to make corrections yourself (no matter how small).

    You want to tweak your draft minutes before the board meeting. The auditor is here, and one small correction stands between you and the signoff. Someone spots a typo just before lodgement.

    In the traditional reporting process, each of these scenarios equals one thing—a whole lot of lost time.

  4. Working with unformatted Word versions in board meetings.

    It’s no secret that Word versions can be burdensome. Typeset versions, on the other hand, provide both convenience and peace of mind—allowing boards to monitor progress, visualize design, and see exactly how everything will be reported.

  5. Double-checking numbers after each change.

    Financial statements. Notes to financial statements. Final dividends (which are mentioned in
    multiple parts of the report).

    Accuracy is critical—but it can be time-consuming to ask for corrections, manually check if they’ve been made, and confirm that no other numbers have been changed in the process. When faced with this grueling process, you may find yourself wondering: why can’t I sync numbers instead?

  6. Lacking control over the process.

    Traditional reporting tools include Word, Excel, printers, highlighters, and far too many red pens. But what happens when it’s time to monitor progress, freeze drafts, or track changes? Suddenly, the old toolkit simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

  7. Accepting low levels of security—or even no security whatsoever.

    Emailing drafts, inputs, and spreadsheets is not secure. Neither is printing and scanning pages to request corrections...and in the modern era, a secure process is a top priority.

If this list gave you a headache, no need to worry—at Tangelo, we’re simplifying the annual reporting process so you can safely put these seven frustrations behind you.

As a leading annual reporting solution, our platform empowers companies to easily produce custom-designed corporate reports in-house, on the cloud, and in record time.

Tangelo’s single source framework puts collaboration front and center. On our platform, you can assign tasks, freeze drafts, and track changes—ensuring your team stays on the same page throughout the entire process.

No more manually updating data points, either. Instead, you can sync your latest Excel file to automatically update figures across your report—effortlessly, accurately, efficiently.

Beyond addressing the seven most common annual reporting frustrations, Tangelo also fast-tracks publication and enables same-day reporting—all while preparing companies for the future of financial reporting.

Our Clients Say: “Tangelo has saved time and resources in checking multiple documents…. This has been a significant improvement to our process and of benefit to the business, at a time when we are working to tight deadlines.”—Cathy Oosterman, Shareholder Relations, AGL Energy Limited

“Tangelo has been a fantastic addition to our business. The improvement in overall business efficiency during reporting periods has been huge. We have seen significant time (and stress!) savings through having greater control of the overall content and therefore, the end product.”—Stephen Freundlich, Head of Investor Relations, Argosy Property Limited

Ready to reimagine your reporting process with Tangelo? Request a demo to explore a smarter way of working.