AGL ESG Data Centre

Client case: Sustainability Data Centre

How Tangelo Helped AGL Energy Create Their 2019 Sustainability Data Centre—and Increase Internal Efficiency

Today, corporate finances alone don’t always tell a complete story. Modern shareholders, customers, employees, and communities alike want proof that companies are taking responsibility for environment, social, and governance issues.

To increase transparency and accessibility, AGL Energy started publishing an online data centre as a supplement to their sustainability report (and later, to their integrated report). This site houses a breadth of information including ESG performance disclosures, GRI standard disclosures, and GRI indicator data—ensuring that AGL remains transparent in a high-visibility and high-impact industry.

With their Sustainability Data Centre, AGL is able to put communication at the forefront: providing a responsive, user-friendly website that’s full of critical data and easily accessible from computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Learn how they built it—and improved efficiency—with Tangelo.

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